Bonobo's Foods

Morgan Zimmer

Morgan Zimmer

Ethical, sustainable plant-based foods served up at Bonobo’s Ethical, sustainable plant-based foods served up at Bonobo’s

First she was a curious customer. Then she became an employee. Morgan Zimmer has now come full circle as the owner of Bonobo’s Foods.

“My role has progressively gotten larger throughout the years,” she explains. “I started as a cook, worked up to manager and then started to take over more jobs in the office.”

Now she is in charge of everything — from cooking and cleaning to managing staff and taking care of all other aspects of a thriving business.

It was six years ago when she first visited the Oliver Road restaurant. She was intrigued by the vegetarian/vegan menu and, having a passion for cooking, it was something she wanted to explore, so she joined the staff.

A few years ago the owners, Tony and Sacha VandeWeghe, announced they would be looking for someone to take over the operation. “It ignited a fire in my soul,” Morgan says. “I instantly knew this was what I wanted for a career.”

Since taking the reins in January, Morgan has put her own spin on things, adding new items to the offerings.

“Our menu consists of absolutely no factory farmedproducts,” she says. “At Bonobo’s we harness the Buddhist philosophy of kindness to all living things.

“My goal is to continue to provide the vegan and vegetarian community with hearty, wholesome foods.”

With the goal of promoting ethical and sustainable plant-based foods, Morgan wants to show the community how healthy, meat-free meals can be loaded with flavours.

“I hope one day to gain enough knowledge to expand Bonobo’s with a 100-per-cent vegan catering option,” she says. “The future is bright.”

With seven employees — whom Morgan considers family — Bonobo’s fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The staff is knowledgeable about the products, both grocery and house-made, making safe and satisfying recommendations to customers with diverse dietary restrictions and tastes.

“I gain so much joy from sharing information about plant-based eating with customers who may be skeptical about our products, and making meal recommendations to new customers, who may be eating their first plant-based meal,” Morgan says.